Performer Series - Ulysses Owens – Regal Tip Drumsticks

Performer Series - Ulysses Owens

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Diameter: 0.530"
Length: 16"
 Model #: PF-OU

-Oval tip
-Long taper
Being a bit thicker than a 7A and an 1" longer, this stick designed by jazz legend Ulysses Owens Jr. offers abundant versatility for the active drummer.  Need a solid stick for laying down a fusion beat?  This stick's length and diameter can offer that over traditional jazz sticks.  Need a light touch for even lighter jazz?  The oval tip produces warmer, softer tones with a great response and lighter feel.


"My new "U" stick is perfect.  Great feel, touch, and balance continuing with Regal Tip's reputation of creating the best feeling stick in the business.

-Ulysses Owens